Transform your automotive business to grow and compete in an aggressive global market

Use real-time information to operate with less risk and more reward to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced automotive industry. Understand your customers better, manufacture more efficiently, and deliver quality products on-time and within budget.

Create more value in your digital automotive network

Automotive companies face the daunting challenge of needing to sharpen the core competencies that enable success today, while reshaping their ability to increase the pace and investment in innovation, integrate with technology partners, and radically transform their interaction with end consumers of mobility and transportation. Successfully embracing the opportunities offered by new technologies and consequently implementing the right business initiatives will be the foundation of staying relevant in the future of the automotive industry.

Accelerate Time to Market

  • Source components globally and ensure Just in time delivery
  • Support lean and flexible manufacturing processes
  • Globalize procurement and transportation management

Optimize Supply Chain and Delivery Processes

  • Align sales forecasts and manufacturing plans across the enterprise
  • Improve demand forecasting accuracy by incorporating OEM, internal, and third-party projections
  • Optimize inventory across global supply chain

Improve Sales and Build Brand Loyalty

  • Provide an exceptional customer experience throughout the ownership lifecycle
  • Increase market intelligence
  • Grow aftermarket business

Combining industry and operations knowledge with unique insights into existing and emerging technologies, we have developed a range of innovative, end-to-end offerings for the automotive industry. Deploying these services, we can help clients to identify and enter new markets, to change the pace with their customers in the digital experience, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance, and deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently.

Forward-Thinking Auto Manufacturers Rely on CODEM

As your business evolves, flexibility is key to operating your facility effectively. CODEM allows you to be more agile without sacrificing quality or safety. We help you keep up with the pace of innovation while adapting with you.
No matter how you’re affected by the shifting automotive landscape – through standards, workforce demands, or new technologies – CODEM has your back.