Respond faster to IT needs and security threats

There’s no industry where the stakes are higher for security than financial services. A large financial institution could lose millions of customers—along with its reputation—if assets or sensitive information are exposed. With threats being developed in real-time, financial institutions need to move quickly.

Backed by the cutting-edge technology at our Advanced Technology Centre, we can help your institution play out scenarios, design repeatable solutions and quickly deploy them everywhere you do business. Our global presence and supply chain offer a platform to reach all of your branches, all over the world.

Financial institutions work in a data-intensive environment. Our experts develop agile, next-generation data centres that lower your costs for data processing. In addition, we can optimize networking, upgrade your computing infrastructure and improve the rollout of new branch technology with a faster, more efficient build process. The road to transformation has never been smoother.

Partner with CODEM’s team of highly skilled experts

Ensure you reach your banking and insurance customers with the best web experience by leveraging CODEM’s team of highly engaged cloud services professionals.

Ensure performance and quality for every experience across any infrastructure.

Amazing and reliable experiences across every channel, from digital to physical, are necessary for financial organizations to build loyalty and increase revenue streams. Performance issues that impact business must be avoided and resolved quickly when they do happen. CODEM offers solutions, from mainframe to mobile, to manage infrastructure and monitor user experience across the complex, composite environments required for financial transactions.

Improve site performance to delight customers and grow revenue

Seconds matter in online financial services. Revenue conversion increases and visitor abandonment decreases with each second of response time improvement. With mobile access on the rise, ensuring fast, reliable mobile performance is critical. CODEM optimizes web experiences for mobile users regardless of their device, connection, network speed or location.

Defend against attacks and data breaches

Traditional financial service website defences have been overwhelmed by the volume and sophistication of network and application level attacks. Defences based solely within the data centre have often proven inadequate. CODEM’s massively distributed content delivery network (CDN)provides unmatched scale at the edge of the Internet, far from your data centre for “always on” protection against DDoS and sophisticated data breach attacks.

Leverage the cloud to realize cost savings and global reach

As financial firms migrate to hybrid and private cloud infrastructures, they need web performance and security services that work across their combined data center and hosting environments. CODEM’s highly distributed cloud services deliver sites and web applications consistently, with high performance, while providing control and security.

The digital customer is transforming financial services.

Modern consumers expect each experience with their bank, insurance company or other financial organization to be secure and personalized across every digital touch point. Along with increased regulatory compliance entering the mainstream financial services is fundamentally changing to compete and thrive in the app economy.

CODEM Technologies recently commissioned global research that shows how financial services companies are responding to these challenges through digital transformation and measuring dramatically improved business results with proven technologies and practices.

The Financial Services teams offer in-depth analytics knowledge, skills, and services to help financial institutions apply analytics to their critical business issues. Codem’s customer span the financial services industry, and the analytics practitioners have helped organizations in the banking, securities, insurance, investment management, Industries achieve uncommon insights.