Serve savvy consumers by delivering personalized experiences and relevant products in the moment

Complex consumer habits, new cultural influences of global markets and rapidly changing technological preferences are reshaping products and business models in the Consumer Goods industry. Organizations in this space are busy reaching out to the Millennials and the Baby Boomers while grappling with a world of changing brand loyalties, cross-channel conflicts and digital influences.

Predict your consumer’s needs to provide perfectly tailored product suggestions live and on demand and meet market expectations using accurate, real-time insights. By engaging in digital transformation, you can pursue ambitious growth strategies to accelerate sales and win new customers.

Reimagine business models

Integrate vertically and virtually to compete as an ecosystem,
transform products into services, and capitalize on knowledge

Reimagine business processes

Engage consumers with real time personalization, enable hyper local demand and supply networks, and optimize capacity with hyper connected manufacturing

Reimagine work

Fundamentally transform productivity, exponentially improve enterprise intelligence, and empower a flexible, agile workforce to enable agility at speed
The time to unleash the power of digitalization is now, to maintain a healthy business, to drive new growth, and to balance current infrastructure and future innovation without disruption.

  • Reimagine business models
  • Reimagine business processes
  • Reimagine work

Making the Connection: How Internet of Things Engages Consumers and benefits Business

Developed as part of The Consumer Goods Forum’s Educational Series, this thought leadership analyses the relevancy and impact of IOT in consumer products.
IoT is easily misunderstood. Business leaders turn off when the technology industry begins to spout technical jargon. But IoT is not about technology. At its core, IoT is about data and insight. It gives consumer companies the power to understand their supply chains in detail and to work with partners to innovate and respond rapidly to unexpected events or emerging trends. It offers companies the ability to see how people are using their stores, online services, and even their products, in the context of their daily lives. By combining these insights, companies can win consumers’ attention and continual engagement. They can build services and products that synchronize with consumers’ lives making their presence vital and their brand valuable. That is the opportunity being offered– for those willing to take it.

Balancing customer expectations and commercial reality

One of the biggest tests of agility for the consumer products and retail industries currently is last-mile delivery and associated services (e.g. returns). These services are now so pivotal to the customer experience that they are determining brand choices as never before. Achievements in getting products efficiently to the warehouse now need to be matched by equivalent improvements in getting goods to (and from) consumers.
To learn more, download the white paper which examines the latest innovation in last-mile services and explores how companies can harness the opportunities, and keep customers happy, without undermining their businesses.

Codem’s aim in consumer goods and service

  • Accelerate growth through digital transformation
  • Decode new opportunities in sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing
  • Empower organizations to collaborate within and outside to create better products

Our expertise ensures agility and responsiveness to changing market, product, consumer, technology and regulatory needs. This is giving rise to opportunities in areas such as inventory consolidation and rationalization, and posing new challenges in optimally balancing demand and supply times. Codem has been partnering with retail industry leaders in a diverse number of retail segments including but not limited to apparel, food and grocery to offer a wide range of services.