Unparalleled insights to help you understand your audience and win new leveraging CODEM’S advanced analytics, you can narrow your target universe and isolate high-value prospects based on their estimated financial outlook and demand for your products; and apply our rich firmographic data to increase response rates and accelerate time to close.

Sophisticated insights to keep new opportunities in sight

CODEM’S can help identify key up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to get more value from your existing customers. Our diverse analytic models are designed to provide a clear understanding of your customers’ needs and pinpoint customers with the highest level of buying authority.

Data and Analytics Solutions that Drive the Digital Age

  • High Performance Computing.
  • Data-Driven Services.
  • IT Consumption Services.
  • Data Centre Modernization.

Data-Driven Services:

As you consider your data and information needs, understand and define the right approach for an optimized and integrated infrastructure strategy that supports the capture, consolidation, management, protection, understanding, and presentation of your business-aligned information. Our big data and analytics consultants will assess your systems and define the capabilities needed to make your data and analytics initiative a success. Our portfolio of technologies and partnerships will help you operationalize the data analytics and drive your business forward.

Data Centre Modernization:

In today’s idea economy, your organization can stay ahead of the competition by accelerating application and IT service delivery. A modern data center infrastructure brings the right balance of compute, to help you thrive, not just survive.

Whether you need a refresh to your infrastructure or a complete data center transformation, CODEM has the proven compute and experience to make your journey successful.

Advanced analytics to turn current customers

Into lifelong customers CODEM augments what you already know about your customers with comprehensive insights to identify risk and minimize churn. Through a combination of prescriptive and predictive analytics, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the customers most likely to fall by the wayside so you can be proactive versus reactive. Our analytic models can help align customer service resources with the right opportunities and prioritize channel and territory assignments.

High Performance Computing:

With High-Performance Computing from CODEM, you can overcome the barriers to supercomputing and compete in increasingly aggressive markets. When you are tasked with solving the world’s largest scientific, engineering and data analysis problems, you need the planet’s most powerful, most efficient machines. Our HPC solutions empower innovation at any scale, building on our purpose-built HPC systems and technologies solutions, applications and support services. The results? More power to differentiate your business, drive research and find answers like never before.

IT Consumption Services:

We live in an age of disruption. The pressure is on to build flexible IT infrastructures, find valuable insights in data, proactively combat cyber threats, and provide rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere and on any device.

But, can you transform your IT without transforming how you acquire and use it?
There is strong demand for flexible payments. In fact, 93% of IDC survey respondents stated the availability of pay-per-use is important when selecting an IT infrastructure provider.

Innovations in Data and Analytics

The explosion of data and data collecting devices offers great opportunities. But you need faster computing in the data centre and intelligent edge technologies to take full advantage.

Memory-Driven Computing

Memory-Driven Computing is a new architecture designed to help you stay ahead of the data deluge. It rethinks computing to eliminate inefficiencies and speed data access and analysis. Learn what that means for you.

Data Analytics at the Edge

Intelligent technology at the edgeV data analytics capabilities at the point of work that were formerly confined to on-premises or cloud data centres deliver cost savings, efficiency improvements, and higher customer satisfaction scores.