CODEM Cloud solutions

Unlock the value of cloud with ground breaking solutions!

Inspire innovation with flexible, intelligent solutions built on cloud.

Using Cloud, you can easily apply data and technology to seize opportunities and solve complex problems. Our powerful platform and full portfolio of leading-edge services position you to build data-driven, agile solutions that can set you apart from the competition.

Cloud-native platform for deploying and operating modern applications.

The move to cloud computing is causing a shift in application architecture. New software patterns, collectively called “cloud-native”, deliver unheard of application resilience and flexibility. This requires a new type of platform, one that supports continuous delivery and horizontal scale.

CODEM Cloud is the proven solution for companies to deliver a software-led, digital transformation. Here’s why.


Deploy New Code Thousands of Times Per Month

An idea in the morning ends in production that afternoon. Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables this rapid time-to-value for your custom code. How? By managing everything else for you!


Reliably Run All Your Applications at Cloud Scale

Managing Day 2 operations for high-velocity dev teams? Pivotal Cloud Foundry has you covered. Deliver enterprise SLAs with a highly automated platform that scales with your business.

Secure by Default

Improve Your Security Posture with Built-In Capabilities

Pivotal Cloud Foundry takes a modern, highly automated approach to security. That makes it easier for you to keep pace with a tidal wave of industry regulations and compliance standards.

Five levels of cloud adoption

Increasing cloud adoption can yield significant measurable benefits to your bottom line.

Greater Business Impact with an Optimized Cloud Strategy.

Companies expect cloud to drive key and strategic business outcomes. According to a recent IDC study, an Optimized Cloud Strategy leads to significant business benefits.

  • 77% IT Cost Reduction
  • 99% Faster Time to Provision IT Services
  • 200% Improvement in Strategic Allocation of IT Budget
  • 72% Increased Ability to Meet SLAs
  • 10% Revenue Growth

Codem cloud solutions help you evolve your cloud strategy to meet future’s business challenges.